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India Infrastructure Magazine invites Mr. Atul Sharma, Managing Partner as a speaker on the topic “Arbitration Experience and New Amendment” - 17 September 2018

India Infrastructure Magazine recently organised a Conference on “Legal Issues in Infrastructure” in New Delhi to analyse the recent trends and developments in Infrastructure Law, discuss their impact, highlight the key unresolved issues and examine the way forward.

Mr. Atul Sharma, our Managing Partner, was invited as a speaker to share his thoughts on the topic “Arbitration Experience and New Amendment”.

The discussion revolved around Mr. Sharma’s experience in arbitration in the infrastructure sector, key features of the draft Indian Arbitration Council Act, 2017 and the new Arbitration and Conciliation Amendment. Mr. Sharma also shared his views on what could be the possible impact of these legislations going forward.

The conference brought together different members of industry and different stakeholders to share their experiences and exchange views and opinions.

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