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Nov 21 2017
Link Legal was awarded the 'Firm of the Year (Asia Pacific)' during the GLOBALAW Annual Members Meeting 2017 in London, UK.
By GLOBALAW - dated 21st November 2017

Link Legal is the member of Globalaw from India. Globalaw – is a premier international network of over 110 independent law firms across 95 jurisdictions, making it one of the most global of all legal networks. Globalaw has over 4,500 lawyers in over 165 cities.

Every year, both regional and global meetings are held around the world to allow Globalaw lawyers to share their expertise and discuss business opportunities for their respective clients.

Link Legal hosted the Asia Pacific Regional Meeting in Mumbai in March 2017. Its Annual Members Meeting 2017 was held in London from 25-28 October 2017, hosted by London Globalaw member Gordon Dadds where Link Legal was awarded the 'Firm of the Year (Asia Pacific)'. There are around seventeen member firms in Asia Pacific region covering Guam, Japan, Indonesia, China, Australia, Korea (South), Thailand, India, Hong Kong, Oman, Taiwan, Philippines.

Abhishek Sharma, an Associate Partner of Link Legal was also elected as Director on the Globalaw Board representing Asia-Pacific region.

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